Lisa Delarny RBS


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I have been making figurative sculpture for many years. The work has slowly evolved or changed as I have. It is a working through of ideas and realities and a process of discovery. Things change and although initially it is change which may frighten us, it is change that makes life so fascinating.

The inner animal in all of us we so eagerly hide is just beneath the surface. We are not as far from life in the trees as we like to think, yet we place our selves on a different level from our cousins there. We suspend empathy for those creatures we so abuse and use and choose to forget we are all far more closely related than we care to think about. The most recent sculptures here, the dog women are an expression of this. My early works touched upon this with an exploration of the language of gesture, but now I am fascinated with how we share this body language with other creatures yet we deny that they have an emotional and intelligent life similar to ours. I know it is very inconvenient and not very comfortable to think about these things, but I think way over due.


Latest commisson for The Theatre Royal Newcastle:
Mercutio seen in The Journal.